Photo Carvings

By using a combination of sophisticated software and a very fine V shaped cutter in a CNC machine, we’re able to faithfully reproduce your photograph in the wood.
Lines are carved deeply for the shadows and finely for the highlights of the image. The design is then flooded with black epoxy resin which soaks into the lines and once cured, is carefully sanded away to expose the image. The design will never fade, is weatherproof and permanent.

The following photographs are examples where the lines that make up the photo carving are carved directly into the wood.
They are ‘black & wood’ photo carvings giving a natural look with the wood grain showing through the photograph.
The black lines remain the same while toe wood in between them will silver naturally along with the rest of the bench.

This next set of photographs are of photo carvings done into a 6mm deep pool of white resin.
They are true black & white photo carvings and will not weather with the rest of the bench.

Colour Resin Inlay

Using our special colour resin inlay technique it’s possible for us to create beautiful colour designs that are fade resistant, weatherproof and permanent.
For each colour, a recess is carved into the timber to a depth of about 4mm and inlaid with the resin which cures and sets like stone. The process is repeated for each colour in turn and when complete, the whole thing is sanded beautifully smooth to the surface of the wood to reveal a pristine representation of the original image.