Classic II memorial bench

Unique Memorial Benches

Pleasing to the eye, our Classic II memorial bench with oval centre has become a true classic since we designed and manufactured the very first one back in 1992.

This superb bench is available with standard or scroll arms and front legs.

We also manufacture the Classic II as a chair.

Classic benches are truly heavyweight
Available in the following sizes and approximate weight in solid oak
4ft (1.21 metres) = 43kg
5ft (1.52 metres) = 50kg
6ft (1.82 metres) = 57kg
7ft (2.13 metres) = 64kg
8ft (2.43 metres) = 72kg

6ft (1.82 metres) = 64kg
7ft (2.13 metres) = 72kg
8ft (2.43 metres) = 79kg
9ft (2.74 metres) = 86kg
10ft (3.0 metres) = 94kg

Memorial Decorative Benches

Above – The chunky Classic II memorial bench with central leg.

These are big, striking memorial benches and like all Classic benches, built to stand the test of time.

Silhouettes are a popular way of personalising a memorial bench.

This trombone player design on our Classic II bench is an interesting example. The design was carved depth of around 6mm across multiple components of the memorial bench and the carved areas filled with jet black epoxy resin. The resin sets rock hard and is then sanded and polished smooth.

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