Classic I memorial bench

Classic Memorial Benches UK

The ‘Classic One’ is the archetypal hardwood memorial bench.

For our sturdy design we like to use more generous timber sections than are normally seen on a bench of this type.

We use 1¼” x 3¾” (32 x 95mm) timbers for those chunky seat slats and the arms and legs are made from 3″ (80mm) stock. These details ensure a lifetime of active service.

We’ve been manufacturing the Classic I memorial bench for over 30 years and there are now thousands of examples distributed across the UK.

Classic benches are truly heavyweight
Available in the following sizes and approximate weight in solid oak
4ft (1.21 metres) = 42kg
5ft (1.52 metres) = 49kg
6ft (1.82 metres) = 56kg
7ft (2.13 metres) = 63kg
8ft (2.43 metres) = 70kg

6ft (1.82 metres) = 62kg
7ft (2.13 metres) = 69kg
8ft (2.43 metres) = 76kg
9ft (2.74 metres) = 83kg
10ft (3.0 metres) = 90kg

Memorial Garden Benches

(Above) We were commissioned to engrave a musical score on the top rail of our Classic I memorial bench complete with lyrics of the Hymn “The Lord bless you and keep you”.

Even these fine lines were carved quite deeply into the wood with a sharp 30 degree cutter and then a very dark wood dye was used to make the design stand out. This produced a truly permanent wood engraving fit for a memorial bench.

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Classic Bench Range
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Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
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