Oak & Iroko are durable hardwoods and we use generous timber sections for our designs.

As an added measure, once we’ve made the bench components and cut all of the mortise and tenon joints, we dip everything in a water based wood preserver treatment before the assembly stage.
This ensures the wood preserver saturates every part of the bench including those mortise and tenon joints before they go together.

This very first ‘wetting’ raises the grain of the wood, an intentional technique in the preparation of new hardwood for outdoors.

Once the bench is bone dry, we fine sand each component to a silky smooth finish. The natural oils in the new wood are enough to create a pleasing, hard sheen across to surface of the wood.

We take these measures in an effort to ensure that every Classic bench gets the best start in a life that should run into decades.

Over time the bench will take on a lovely character. Weathering of the oak creates a beautiful silver-grey patina that’s easy to maintain while high wear & tear areas of the bench become polished through regular use.


Keep your furniture clean.

It’s good practice to keep all outdoor furniture clean. Doing this will help preserve the wood and further brighten the silvering process as the hardwood weathers over time.

Using mild detergent & water or if it’s been longer since the last clean try sugar soap. Clean with a brush, a nail brush stiffness is just right. Sugar soap is very effective and a small amount goes a long way. You must rinse with plenty of fresh water.

NOTE: If you would prefer to remove the natural silver colour & restore the wood to it’s original colour, use a product such as Net-Trol to clean the bench.

*Use extreme caution if using a pressure washer. Too close will damage the surface of the wood.
*Special attention should be paid to benches that are placed under trees or in situations where they may collect organic debris.

Once dry, you may give the bench a light sand with fine (approx 320 grit) sandpaper. Just to smooth off the top surfaces of the bench.

IMPORTANT: If you notice any sign of a green sheen anywhere on the bench, or mould, mildew fungus or algae then give the bench a good soak with a clear wood preserver, liberally with a large brush. A water based wood preserver like Rustins Advanced is safe & easy to use and the process only takes 5-10 minutes. Well worth the effort.

As hardwood ages it loses some of the natural oils that give it its impermeability. These can be replaced using a garden furniture or penetrating oil. It should be applied immediately after the bench has been cleaned and sanded as above. It may also be applied on top of clear wood preserver.

Note: Penetrating oil may be applied to a silvered bench, in fact Textrol Penetrating oil is available with a silvered tint as well as clear & other hues.

Note about oak: Oak is rock hard and contains natural oils. For these reasons it doesn’t absorb oil very well when it’s brand new.
If applying oil to newer oak, care must be taken to replenish areas where the oil has worn off to prevent the bench from becoming patchy.

Tannin in oak
Tannin is a naturally occurring compound found in oak.
Brand new Oak placed outdoors can sometimes suffer from some localised tannin staining, it normally washes out after a few months although it’s quite easy to clean using Oxalic acid which interestingly is derived from rhubarb leaves.
Oxalic acid can be purchased and used neat or there are a number of wood reviver products available whose active ingredient is Oxalic acid.
Net-Trol is also effective at removing tannin staining from wood.


We provide aftercare services for our customers as follows:-

Our team will steam clean your bench in situ and apply a clear wood preserver.

Our team will collect your bench and bring it back to our workshop for a full 5 stage reconditioning as follows:-
Stage 1
Net-Trol wood restorer treatment, brushing  & Steam clean.
Stage 2
Sanding back to natural wood
Stage 3
Apply clear wood preserver.
Stage 4
Apply Textrol penetrating oil treatment (2 coats)
Stage 5
Buff to a silk finish with lambswool.
Please call or email for more details.