When choosing any kind of hardwood for your memorial bench, it’s important to familiarises yourself with maintaining this much valued material. Oak is naturally durable and often left untreated (or fumed if a darker appearance is desired) and allowed to silver naturally over time.

All garden furniture, whether it is made from oak, teak, larch or even plastic should be cleaned periodically. Cleaning the bench as you would with any other outdoor furniture is not only courteous to the people who will sit on it but cleaning hardwood will also help prevent decay.

The most important take away points to understand with maintaining oak are as follows.

1 – If you’d like your bench to weather naturally and have a bright silvered appearance it’s important to keep it clean. We recommend cleaning the top surfaces of the bench at least once but ideally twice a year. Silvering hardwood can be so beautiful if kept clean.

2 – Oak contains natural oils & tannins which help make it naturally durable and resistant to decay. This means you can let it silver without oiling in the early years without concern.

3 – If you prefer the idea of oiling your bench we recommend waiting a few years for the natural oils in the wood to deplete a little. Modern garden furniture penetrating oils are perfect for oak.

For more information on bench maintenance please get in touch and our team will be happy to advise.