The Classic III Memorial Bench

Memorial Benches for Sale

Pictured here in prime grade oak (6ft) and glowing in the late summer sunshine. Our exclusive Classic III memorial bench is manufactured with no expense spared; we use 3″ (80mm) section timbers for the arms and legs and the rails are chunky 1¾” (44.5mm) thick in order to produce the arches for this strong architectural design.

The Classic III is available in the following configurations.
4, 5, 6 and 7ft sizes (4 legs)
7 & 8ft sizes (6 legs)
Standard or scroll arm and front leg designs.
Also available as a chair.

Below is a 6ft Classic III memorial bench modified with a wide centre panel which can accommodate a wood engraving, carving etc.

Classic III Memorial Bench
Classic III memorial bench with side tables

This Classic III memorial bench was a special request from a client who wanted side tables. A mock-up photo was provided along with some sketches of how it was going to look and a quote via email.

Made with generous sections of solid oak and the addition of diagonals meant that the tables were easily strong enough to support our test weight of 40kg.

Added functionality to a memorial bench that we might never have thought of without this request from a client.

Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
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Classic IV memorial bench
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
Classic Bench Range
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Classic Bench Range
Classic Hedgerow Bench
Stunning Classic Memorial Bench made from solid Oak stating smooth clean lines and perfect symmetry
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London oak memorial Bench
Classic Rocking Bench. Most of our bench designs can be made into a Classic Rocker